Interim HealthCare Hospice of Palmdale

Providing care and support for people at the end-of-life’s journey

Hospice Services in Palmdale

At Interim HealthCare Hospice of Palmdale, we provide compassionate, patient-centered medical care and support for people who are at their end-of-life. Based on a philosophy that preserves and promotes autonomy, our interdisciplinary hospice team offers physical, emotional and spiritual support to patients and those who love and care for them.
Hospice Services

Improving the Quality of Life When Quantity of Time is Limited

Partnering with hospitals, nursing homes and community based organizations, Interim HealthCare Hospice of Palmdale strives to meet the specific needs of terminally ill individuals by delivering care with the utmost dignity and respect. Most frequently, our hospice services are provided to patients’ in their homes however, care can also be provided in nursing homes and senior living residences - including independent and assisted living.