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Who is Interim HealthCare of Palmdale?

We are proud of the outstanding home care services we provide to people in need, each day.

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Delivering The Expert Care You Deserve

At Interim HealthCare of Palmdale, our primary goal is simple. We want to make life better for people in Palmdale and the surrounding area. We also know that "better" means something different from one family to the next, which is why each of our care plans are cost-effective and highly personalized to you or your loved one’s needs.

We are a locally owned and operated business committed to providing a full continuum of care. Whether you are coming home from a hospital medical emergency or going through the natural process of aging and everything in between, we would be honored to serve you.

Professional and Compassionate Staff

Interim HealthCare of Palmdale

Our home care experts deliver care with integrity and compassion and take pride in making a difference for those who need it most.

Our Mission Statement

Interim HealthCare of Palmdale

Recognizing all people are created in the image of Christ, we are committed to serving the sick and dying by offering love, compassion, and dignity on the journey home to God.

Health care in Palmdale

Our Philosophy of Care

Our HomeLife Enrichment® standard of care brings value and purpose to the lives of our clients. By looking beyond the basic needs, we can provide holistic care services encompassing the mind, body, spirit and family. We believe in enriching home life so that people are safe and independent and live with dignity, purpose and self-worth.

By working closely with your family, our qualified team will understand your individual situation and develop specific protocols and activities designed to turn each day into a comfortable flow of engaging, fun and interactive activities. At the very core of this approach is the gift of empowerment, so patients and their families feel in control of their own destinies. After all, a little independence goes a long way.

To our Patients, We Promise to:

Interim HealthCare of Palmdale
  • Enrich your life with every interaction
  • Respect and honor all of your healthcare choices
  • Treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve
  • Provide patient and family-centered care, communicating clearly with all involved
  • Deliver the highest level of physical, social, emotional and spiritual care

Meet our Staff

Leticia Jaurequi

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Jaurequi

Chief Operating Officer

Carmen Chavez

Operations Coordinator

Aimee Jaurequi

Registered Nurse

Interim HealthCare of Palmdale is a Service Provided by

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