Interim HealthCare of Hospice Palmdale is a Service Provided by Saint Andrew's Abbey


Saint Andrew's Abbey is home to the monks who dedicate their lives to work and prayer and a spiritual home for those who come seeking prayer and quiet.

Interim HealthCare of Palmdale

At Saint Andrew's Abbey, the monks carry on the monastic tradition set forth by St. Benedict of Nursia. A monk's fidelity to this tradition transforms every day of his life into an offering to God through "ora et labora" (prayer and work). This rhythm of daily life draws the soul deeper into union with God and community with each other.


Part of the Benedictine 

Like our "brother" communities in the Benedictine family, we can trace our ancestry back to the middle ages. We are proud to carry on Benedictine heritage as we preserve this sacred place for anyone to step away from their busy lives to be renewed in spirit.

Interim HealthCare of Palmdale
Interim HealthCare of Palmdale

You are welcome at the Abbey

You will find the Abbey to be a place of peace and tranquility rooted in the rhythm of the monastic day. All guests are welcome to join the monks for liturgical prayer. You might just find your life changed during your time here! We host a variety of weekend programs, day retreats, and workshops throughout the year.